Thursday, 2 June 2011

Social sciences and Improvisation

 Time to rable on about random stuff! as I have just finished my degree in Sociology, more time will be dedicated to playing,practising,jamming,going to gigs and listening to music I keep discovering (thank God for that!). I always thought serious music, particularly improvisation related examples, have a philosophical side to them and reflect the personality of the player, which in turn makes it great. Then comes the technical aspect...John McLaughlin says notes are a very small, but very important aspect of improvisation once the principle behind it is understood, and his instructional Dvd 'This is the way I do it' is a very useful guide to practising and playing. He is as generous a teacher as he is a player!
 Tickets for the 4th Dimension gig at Ronnie Scott's are selling fast and I'm pleased I got mine for both sets on Monday the 11th of July, the whole experience should be the best birthday present ever.
 Also I'm planning to restart my lessons with Predrag Simovic and that should be both useful and exciting at the same time. Jazz on!

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  1. understanding jazzimprovisation is not just playing a bunch of notes that would work based on the chords, harmony, etc, the player builds an idea,the player makes a melody.